‘Dialogue bugle’ started by India a ‘big joke’: Salahuddin


United Jihad Council chief, Syed Salahuddin has said that they are not against any dialogue process but the dialogue should be tripartite and in the light of UN resolutions.

As per a statement issued to news agency CNS, Salahuddin, according to UJC spokesman, Syed Sadaqat Hussain, while addressing a meeting of Council, said the use of force has not succeeded to subdue Kashmiris. “We are not against the dialogue but the dialogue bugle announced by India is a big joke. Kashmir is neither a territorial dispute between two countries nor an internal issue of any country. The fate of over one Cr forty lakh souls is attached to it,” he said.

Salahuddin appealed Pakistan to be proactive on political and diplomatic front and make world aware about the “human rights violations committed by India in Kashmir”.

While calling for a shutdown on October 27, to protest the landing of Indian army in Kashmir, he said that “on October 27, 1947, Indian army forcefully occupied Kashmir and people of Kashmir are resisting the control since last 68 years.”

Spokesman quoted UJC chief as having said that India has violated all rights of the people of and the People of Kashmir has never accepted the ‘illegal occupation of India.’

“On October 27, 1947 Indian troops entered Kashmir and it was blackest day in the history of Kashmir. Kashmiris didn’t accept subjugation and are continuously raise their voice against it. Since then 5 lakh Kashmiris have sacrificed their lives for liberation of their homeland.”

During the meeting, the participants condemned the arrest of the son of Syed Salahuddin and said that innocents are being framed in fabricated cases. During the meeting rich tributes were paid to those who lost their lives for sake of ongoing freedom movement. (CNS)


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