‘Dictatorial approach uncalled for and totally deplorable’: SDSJK


Society of Dental Surgeons, Jammu and Kashmir (SDSJK) condemns the dictatorial attitude of the authorities in targetting doctors. Doctors are availing the Gazetted holidays which is our fundamental right and in no way, we are on strike or protesting. The government and authorities are projecting a false narration and misguiding public for their vested interests. We have put forth our demands and will continue to fight for our rights. SDSJK  is like a rock behind all the programmes of Doctors Association Kashmir(DAK) and in complete solidarity with the office bearers who have been named in the notice issued by Director General Health Services, Kashmir Dr Saleem ur Rehman.

SDSJK warns the authorities to stop harassing before situation takes an ugly turn for which the govt. will be solely responsible.

SDSJK demands of complete revocation of the notice issued and simultaneously resolve issues of doctors in positive manner aa rights of doctors have been sabotaged always.

SDSJK stresses Hon’ble Health Minister Dr Divender Kumar Manyal to intervene in this grave matter and put an end to this ugly incident and address the issues & demands of doctor fraternity.


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