Director School Education Terms Donation Fee ‘Illegal’

KL Report


Taking serious note of the donation fee being by the private schools in the state, Director School education termed the capitation fee ‘illegal’.

Talking to a local news agency, KNS, Director School Education Mir Tariq Ali said that the ‘hefty’ amount demanded by the Private schools at the time of admission is strictly banned and that those involved in such actions will be dealt as per the law.

Accusing parents of being ‘Mute spectators’ over the issue, Mir said, “Parents are equally responsible for the trend as they do not compliant about such actions. There is a committee constituted by the government and is headed by Justice Nazki only for this purpose.”

Mir further stated that the fee hike being implemented annually by the private schools must be halted and that it has no place in the provisions of the law.

Mir has appealed parents to file complain if they have any reports that the capitation fee is being demanded at the time of admission from the private schools.



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