Disappointed with the way foreign envoys brought to Kashmir to endorse Centre’s claims of normalcy: NC


National Conference today expressed disappointment with the way the foreign envoys have been brought to the Kashmir Valley to endorse the Centre’s claims of normalcy.

“In a repeat of the visit of the European Members of Parliament, the envoys have been brought here on a guided tour, where access has been severely limited to those handpicked individuals who will toe the government line”, National Conference spokesperson said in a statement issued here this afternoon.

The spokesperson added, “The National Conference wishes to ask these envoys that if the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is “normal”, then why are scores of people, including three former Chief Ministers, under detention for almost 160 days and why have the people of Jammu and Kashmir been denied access to the internet for over five months?”.

The spokesperson added that while the rest of the country is told that peaceful dissent is the cornerstone of democracy, this right does not seem to extend to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

“Are the people of J&K expected to live without the fundamental rights accorded to other Indian citizens?,” the spokesperson said while cautioning the Government of India that while these sorts of visits may provide short-lived propaganda victories, true normalcy will only be achieved when all detainees are released, communications and internet restored and genuine political activity resumed.


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