Distribution Of Relief: People Accuse Mohalla Committee Heads Of Deceit And Fraud

KL Report


Government and some Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) have miserably failed in fair distribution of relief among flood victims while scores of people mostly women along with their children could be seen seeking alms or knocking at the doors of affluent people for help. Majority of the people from lower income groups whose houses were washed away during the recent floods are finding to hard to meet their both ends while neither the government nor any NGO has extended helping hand to them. These people are now seen wandering from pillar to post seeking either alms or knocking at the doors of well-to-do people.

“I lost everything. I am finished and finding it hard to feed my little children. I have no option but to beg before the people as nobody helped me,” a woman from Chattabal area of Srinagar who was seen seeking alms outside Press Enclave told CNS.

The ‘deprived’ and worst affected people alleged  that the relief material that comes through different NGO’s for them reaches to Mohalla Committees or to the few who head those committees. “The heads of these Mohalla Committees should be made accountable as they loot the major chunk of the relief, distributing it among their relatives and friends and caring a fig for the others,” a resident of Tengapora Batamaloo said adding that common people are suffering heavily due to the deceitful and fraudulent approach of some heads of the Mohalla Committees.

Residents of Padshahi Bagh Srinagar revealed that an NGO in a bid to help people supplied huge relief material to Jammu and Kashmir Yateem Foundation located in Jawahar Nagar. The Yateem Foundation supplied that material to Mohalla Committees whose heads resorted to uneven distribution and provided the relief kits each costing Rs 10,000 to their relatives. “We don’t trust any of the heads of these Mohalla Committees. We want that volunteers of these NGO’s distribute the relief material to affected people themselves.

People from nook and corner of Kashmir Valley have been accusing Mohalla Committees and NGO’s of biased and uneven distribution of relief material. Reports said that downtrodden and lower income groups are spending their days and nights in open sky and are finding it hard to meet their both ends.


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