Divided Huriyat inviting Militancy in Kashmir again: Inqilabi

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Stating that the unity among the pro-freedom camp is the need of the hour, senior Huriyat Leader and Mahaz-e-Azadi Patron Azam Inqilabi said that the divided Huriyat is inviting to militants to take the front for the resolution of Kashmir dispute.

The former UJC chief Inqilabi told KNS that the militants earlier  had relied on political leadership for the early settlement of Kashmir but when the leadership here is completely fragmented, the situation could compel the militants to take  front and the ‘guerilla uprising’ is expected to be born again . ”The fragmented leadership has made the situation worse here and not even on a single point they show unity, this will compel the militants to rule the roost.”

Claiming that Mirwaiz Umar has no assessment of the ground situation when he terms polls a non-issue for Kashmir, Inqilabi stated that the prime responsibility of the leadership here is that they must to launch boll boycott campaign for the forth coming elections at the earliest. “It is true that the polls cannot undermine the vitality of Kashmir resolution but we have to see that the Indian establishment portrays the peoples’ participation in the election fray as the referendum and claims that the people here are contended with the Indian union therefore such process is unacceptable.”

Inqilabi, while talking to KNS, mentioned that his main reason from distancing his party from the Huriyat (M) was the statement of Professor Bhat when he mentioned that UN resolutions have become irrelevant for Kashmir. “How could have I remained silent over the Issue bit instead of asking for the explanation from Professor Bhat, Mirwaiz issued show cause warrant to me for speaking against Bhat.”

Inqilabi further added that Huriyat (M) has violated its own constitutional norms by making the executive body of the amalgam permanent. “How far is this constitutionally correct that a person throughout his life is a permanent executive member of Huriyat (M. Despite being the senior most resistance leader, I remained as a solider for the cause but they (Huriyat-M) took me for granted.”

Inqilabi said that he earlier asked Mirwaiz Umar to facilitate his Pakistan visit so that he could convey Kashmir’s political situation to the leadership there but according to Inqilabi, Mirwaiz didn’t respond to his call. “I wanted to tell the Pakistan’s leadership that the united Huriyat is the proper substitute to militancy in itself and how disastrous is proved for Kashmir when they neutralized Muzafarabad. In actual, they turned that place into a colony and there non-serious attitude towards Kashmir’s plight is unacceptable.”

He added that the Muslim countries provide 80 percent of fuel to India and it in return suppresses the Muslim majority state here. “It was the responsibility of Pakistan to aware the Muslim countries about the reality of Kashmir but the situation appears contrary to it.”  

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