A day before Party elections, NC district president resigns

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A day before party elections for the post of district president was going to be held, former Minister and National Conference District President Islamabad Advocated Muhammad Akbar Ganai Sunday resigned from the post of District president and decided not to contest the party elections in future.

While talking to Kashmir Life over phone, advocate Ganai said that he has served National Conference for more than four decades and now is not willing to contest the party elections for the post of district president, going to be held on December 23 2013. He cited his health as one of the reasons not to fight.

“I have been working for the party at various positions in past and, since during the last five years remained as district president of the party for Islamabad.  “I gave my time ‘good or bad’ to the party but now due to my health problem and present political scenario could not hold any post in the organization, since it is time of young people, however I am a worker of National conference and will remain so in future also”, he said.

Advocate Ganai further said that he has worked for part since 1959 and later continued after completing is graduation in Law in 1962.

“I have worked with Sheikh Sahab, Beg Sahab, Sofi sahib and have given my word to them,” he told Kashmir Life.

He further added that he will be firm in helping people as a worker of NC  and try to come up to the word he has give to late Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah.

He wished all the best to the young and dynamic leader  Omar Abdullah and other young party leaders as now the young people have to come in the lime light and strengthen the party.

Elected as MLA from constituency of Dooru Shahbad, advocate Ganai said that he continued with Dr Farooq led National conference when Late Ghulam Muhammad Shah resorted to ‘defection’. Later in 1987 he was again re elected from the same constituency.

Advocate Ganai said that he decided not to migrate from Kashmir and continued his practice at Srinagar’s High Court. He went back to his ancestral place when his father passed away. And started again working to strengthen party at grass root levels.

In 2008 NC again gave mandate to advocate Ganai, but he lost to Congress’s Ghulam Ahmad Mir. He reasoned his defeat to various ‘tactics’ played at the time of elections.

“I lost and people know the various tactics played at that time,” he said.

Somehow advocate Ganai was a bit sarcastic when asked to whom he lost, “ I lost to some scandalous man and people know why.”

In the same year he was elected as district president Islamabad. When asked if party continues with him in next assembly elections, “that time I will see,”  he said.

Advocate Ganai has not yet shared his news of resignation with his cadre but  believes that workers of NC in south Kashmir have suffered a lot during the last two decades and hopes that new president will take due care.

According to sources inside party, Dr Muhammad Shafi is pinned to be the new district president.

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