Divided main stream responsible for state terrorism :Er. Rasheed


Condemning the use of force at protesters resulting in the death of Ruby Jan, 24,wife of Manzoor Ahmad and injuring many at Batmurren Shopian, AIP Supremo and MLA Langate Er. Rasheed has said that mainstream politicians need to discharge their duties without acting like collaborators before it is further late.

In a statement issued on Tuesday Rasheed said “While pro-resistance leadership gets often caged and mainstream parties just make cosmetic condemnations and hue and cry, it seems yet again that security forces are at liberty to do what they want. The mainstream parties though have always sided themselves with those who deprive Kashmiris of their fundamental political rights, but now they must feel some pain of their people and get united to take a firm and stern stand to stop terrible human rights violations in Kashmir”.

Rasheed said that “unless mainstream parties don’t believe in what they say, nobody is going to take them seriously and their hue and cry over killings and other violations will suit New Delhi, not Kashmiri’s as their appeasing and apologetic words are enough to mislead the world community.”

Rasheed added that “It makes no sense, rather looks laughable, when NC on occasions condemns the killings as people rightly conclude that NC is doing the same what Mehbooba Mufti used to do when people used to get butchered at the hands of Omer Abdullah during his regime. In a Statement Rasheed further said that “if both the main regional parties sincerely believe Kashmiris have a right to live with honor and dignity and a resolution to Kashmir dispute is possible with in ambits of Indian constitution, whose hidden hands stop them from joining hands with each other, rather becoming extension wings of congress and BJP from time to time,” adding that  “It is high time when Omer Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti need to realize their worth and must close their retail shops to get united and smaller such forces who believe a resolution within Indian constitution is possible may follow them. Unless the two parties don’t realize the urgency of their joining hands Kashmiri’s will continue to get bathed in blood.”


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