Do Not Share OTP, Do Not Believe In Rumours, Police

SRINAGAR: In wake of the fight against the viral scourage, the government has suspended the instalments on all loans for three months. The process is automatic.

However, some frauds are asking people to share their OTPs with them. This is aimed at looting their bank savings. Though there are reports to this extent, it is not immediately known if there were victims of these fraud cybercriminals. Kindly stay aware. Do not share your OTP with anybody.

With people restricted to their homes, there are a lot of calls being received by individual about hitting a jackpot. This is also an old style of fleecing people. some of these messages come through social media s well. Please understand nobody is going to give anybody money for no reason. Avoid getting lured to these offers that eventually siphon off your bank savings.

Cheated by Greed


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