Dogs Maul Baby Girl In Sgr, Died In Hospital

KL Report


In a shocking incident, stray packs in Shanpora Habak area of Srinagar City became the cause of death for an 8 month old baby girl.

The family members of 8 month old baby girl, Shafia Ahad told CNS that a week before, Shafia was in her room sleeping, when stray dogs made their entry into the room through window and mauled her. “I was busy in domestic chorus and was aghast to see dogs mauling my baby. She received multiple bites all over her body,” the mother of baby girl said.

The baby was shifted to G.B.Panth Hospital where she received 47 stitches in her face. The baby breathed her last on Monday afternoon.

The doctors who treated her at the G.B.Panth Hospital said she has received the deadly Category III bites, feared to cause incurable rabies. They said that baby breathed her last because of Rabies infection.

“With no let up in dog attacks and government failure to check the menace, the stray packs targeted scores of people in our area and elsewhere,” affected family told CNS.

The residents of the area accused the ruling National Conference and Srinagar Municipal Corporation of being more concerned towards the welfare of dogs than humans. The residents have threatened to kill the stray packs.


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