Domicile certificates to WPRs: Deliberate attempt to change Muslim character of Jammu Kashmir, says Dukhtaran, ‘Will fight tooth and nail’

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Aasiyeh Andrabi

Dukhtaran-e-Millat Wednesday said that granting domicile certificates to West Pakistan Refugees is a deliberate attempt to change the Muslim character of disputed Jammu Kashmir.

A spokesperson of DeM, in a statement issued here, said that such decisions neither are nor will ever be acceptable to the people of Kashmir and that such “evil designs” would be fought tooth and nail.

She said that this is the recognition of the apprehensions that were already raised by a number of scholars. “Incarcerated chairperson of Muslim Deeni Mahaz, Dr Muhammad Qasim also has mentioned about the same in his book Baang.”

She, according to the statement, said this is the start of a well thought out process that would be stopped only after making the WPR’s the permanent residents of Jammu Kashmir. “These refugees should be settled in any part of India not in the Jammu Kashmir,” she said.

“WPR’s can be settled in any of the states of India and by insisting about their settlement in Kashmir India is trying to kill two birds with one stone. It is yet to be ascertained whether these refugees have migrated from Pakistan,” the spokesperson added.

In Jammu, the spokesperson said, “Under a well-planned strategy, more than 6 lac Muslims were massacred and their properties were usurped by these refugees. We don’t consider the WPRs as permanent citizens of Jammu Kashmir, they should return their properties to their Muslim owners.”

Furthermore, the spokesperson rued the conditions of detainees in Baramulla Sub-Jail.

She said that one of the detainees, Fayaz Ahmad Kumar son of Ghulam Qadir Kumar, a resident of Khanpora Budgam is suffering from acute illness in his leg. “Doctors have advised him that his leg be amputated. But, there is no medical aid available to him in the jail.”

She said the jail also holds many young detainees whose family members are not informed about their arrests. “Now dossiers are being prepared against them to keep them detained in fabricated cases,” she said.

She said that in the same jail an 80 year old person of Sopore has been detained 2nd time and draconian PSA’s have been invoked against him.

“These are all those measures of India and her stooges, which they think will weaken Kashmiris struggle for justice and freedom from Indian clutches.  They should remember that neither has it happened in the past nor will it ever happen in future,” the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson said that its chairperson Syedah Aasiyah Andrabi was released today afternoon by an open court.

“However, as soon as she reached her home, heavy contingents of Police from police station Soura and Rambagh reached there and kept her under house detention.” She termed it the frustration of Indian government and there local stooges. “Despite keeping Baji under arrest in Baramulla Sub Jail for 3 months, these puppets are after her and have now house arrested her.”

The personal secretary of Aasiyah Andrabi continues to be lodged in Baramulla Jail, the spokesperson said.


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