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Much inspired by the government of Tamil Naidu, President Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) and MLA Langate Er Rashid has asked PDP and NC either to make sincere efforts to compel India to resolve Kashmir issue or should stop exploiting Kashmiri people in the name of autonomy and self rule.

As per a statement Rashid was addressing a party convocation at Tral Sunday where he said, “What so ever NC and PDP have been doing since last ten years has always proved just an act of exploitation or black mailing. They have neither persuaded India to take note of sufferings of Kashmiri people nor have been able to give them a governance that could have made even iota of difference at the ground.

He has also said that both the parties are keen to seek blessings of Congress and don’t hesitate from working as ‘collaborators’. “These parties don’t either want Kashmir dispute to be resolved fearing that they may loose the perks and privileges which they have been enjoying by acting as proxies of New Delhi.”

He further said that except cultivating VIP culture the ministers, MLAs and bureaucrats have done only one thing that is adding to the miseries of Kashmiri people and rendering them voiceless and helpless.

Er Rashid has also criticized Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh for deciding not to visit Sri Lanka as a mark of protest against its atrocities on Tamils. He said, “Though Tamils in Sri Lanka deserve solution to their grievances, but Prime Minister and others should ask their consciences that after killing one lakh people in Kashmir and committing heinous crime against humanity in every part of Kashmir, which moral authority does India has to protest against the human rights violations in Sri Lanka. If India denies significance of UN resolutions on Kashmir how can it internationalize Sri Lanka’s purely domestic problem. Indians need to answer many questions pertaining to operation blue star and role of its national leaders during anti Sikh riots after Indra Gandhi’s assassination.

He even suggested “the chief minister Omer Abdullah and opposition chief Mehbooba should go along with their papas and take learning classes from Jaya Lalita and Karunanadi, to know how to make voice of their People heard. Either NC or PDP should join hands with sincerity or merge with congress. Both of them have no right have no right to create monopoly and nobody will stop good forces to emerge as alternative to these political parties who have lost their regional character.”

While addressing the gathering in Tral Engineer asked people of south Kashmir not to give any heed to the ‘logic less’ arguments of PDP leaders during which they try to exploit the regional sentiment and like NC try to make a rural and urban divide.


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