SRINAGAR: Authorities on Tuesday instructed Chief Education Officers (CEOs) of Jammu and Kashmir not to de-club the clubbed schools independently.

Project Director, Samagra Shiksha Jammu and Kashmir, Deep Raj, in a communique, issued the instructions for de-clubbing the clubbed institutions in the respective districts of the CEOs as per feasibility and norms governing the field.

“It is to be mentioned here that the Chief Education officers of some districts of UT have been requesting this office to grant them permission for de-clubbing the clubbed institutions shown in UDISE+ 2023-24 in their respective areas of their jurisdictions,” Raj said.

The Project Director also mentioned that the clubbing of the schools has been done as per the lists furnished by their offices after seeking necessary approval from the Administrative Department.

“All the Chief Education Officers are, therefore, enjoined upon not to make any de-clubbing of the clubbed schools at their own level, which may invite action against such defaulting officers,” it reads.

The communique, however, stated that in any such request of extreme exigency with full justification and background, it may kindly be routed through the Director of School Education Jammu and Kashmir so that the same is placed before the Administrative Department for a decision on the matter as per the merit of the case.

In the previous year, the School Education Department stated that it would merge nearly 800 government schools with low student enrollment.

It has also stated that the merging of such schools is to be done against the backdrop of the disproportionate Teacher Pupil Ratio (TPR).

The government had also stated that the students of those schools that will be merged and will fall out of the catchment area would be given transportation charges of Rs 500 each month.

Pertinently, the School Education Department in the previous fiscal stated that it had identified more than 1200 such government schools that were having low enrollment of students. (KNO)


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