Don’t force parents to buy books from single shop: PSAJK to schools



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Taking cognizance of reports about some schools indulging in single-point-sale of books and uniforms, Private Schools Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK) today directed all of its member schools to remain fair and transparent in their dealings and allow books and uniforms to be sold in open market.

The Association in a meeting took strict notice of some reports in media and said that such a behaviour wherein a parent is forced to purchase books, uniforms, and other school items from a particular shop or from the school itself, won’t be tolerated. “This violates our ethics and principles and I am sure every school adheres to rules. Although there are some black sheep against whom we will take strict action,” said G N Var Chairman PSAJK. “We have decided to take steps to take care of such a problem.”

The Association has instructed all of its schools to allow books and uniforms to be sold in the open market. “Parents can purchase books, uniforms, and other items from any shop and there won’t be any directive from any school. Plus there won’t be any exorbitant rate on the items and everything will be priced reasonably,” said Var.

The Association also held a meeting with DC Srinagar wherein it was decided that both the sides will take every possible step to stop the practice. “The administration will do its job and we will also prevent any abuse of power from our side. Our primary concern is the welfare of students and parents, which will be maintained,” said Var.

The Association has also formed a committee of educational experts who will prescribe standard books, which can be used in the schools. “There have been reports that some schools sell low-quality books at high rates just creating doubly whammy for parents. In order to stop this practice we will be coming out with a list of high-quality books that can be prescribed to students based on their merit,” said Var.

The Association has called for help from the general public to help in streamlining the sector. “If anybody feels that he is being fleeced by any school or forced to buy books or uniforms from any particular shop, he can contact us and we will immediately take action in this regard,” said Var.

The Association said that most of the schools adhere to the agreed principles and maintain their standards, however, it is often one dirty fish that spoils the whole pond. The association appealed people to remain cautious of such schools and said that any person can register their complaint on Association Phone No 7889578450.


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