Don’t Hide Travel History: JKSA tO Students


J&K Students Association, a body of Kashmiri Students here on Wednesday urged Kashmiri students who are returning from different countries due to deadly Coronavirus Fear not to hide Travel History.

In a statement, Spokesperson of Association Nasir Khuehami termed the action of Kashmiri Students as Unfortunate and Shocking who escaped quarantine and refused to Undergo isolation.

He said that It is highly unfortunate that Few Students among those coming from outside Valley are not fully cooperating with the administration. “We appeal all Kashmiri students to voluntarily apply for quarantine for their personal as well as betterment of their families. It is for their benefit,” he added.

He requested Students not to go home without screening and quarantined. Students are not readily divulging travel history clearly and called upon Students to share accurate details with the authorities.

He has urged Administration to Lodge Case against those Students who Escaped Quarantine and Refuse to undergo isolation. He said that we can fight with Covid_19 only when we cooperate with administration adding that we should not hide travel history.

He said People with travel history to foreign countries need to sobber up. Their slight deviations from rules laid out by the state will lead to an unprecedented disaster in our community.

He said that Instead of hiding their travel history they should come forward and report it to the administration without making any procrastinations. “In order to secure people’s fundamental right to life we must follow our duties sincerely, only then can we pass this disaster collectively,” he added.

He further added that It is our collective duty to do whatever it takes to prevent the spread of the virus. He said that travelling to other countries is not a crime. And every international travel does not mean the person is infected with COVID-19. However, In the present scenario, it is important for students to be responsible and share accurate details, including travel history. He made it clear these mistakes give rise to the catastrophic situation for Kashmir.


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