Don’t poke your nose in foreign policy: BJP to Omar

KL Report


Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) Monday hit back at the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah for questioning Centre’s decision to call off the talks with Pakistan.

The BJP’s Kashmir spokesman Khalid Jehangir in a statement here said that “Omar is playing to the galleries ahead of the assembly elections. He knows his report card on the performance front is zero. He is indulging in rhetoric to gain sympathy”.

Jehangir said that Omar should focus on local issues rather than “poking his nose” in the foreign policy of the country. “Omar is raising non-issues to divert the attention of people from his dismal performance as the Chief Minister,” he said.

Jehangir according to CNS said that Omar is trying to appease separatists ahead of polls to get the political mileage. “The new government led by Narendra Modi took a bold decision by calling off the talks with Pakistan and everyone has appreciated it,” he said.

Taking a dig at Omar for describing BJP’s slogan of 44 plus as a “Bollywood glitz,” Jehangir said, “BJP is emerging as a strong alternative for the people in Jammu and Kashmir. Party’s growing popularity and increasing influence in Kashmir has unnerved Omar. He knows that days of the government led by him are numbered that’s why he is talking about Bollywood glitz.”

Jehangir said, “People are fed up of Family Raaj and they will give a befitting reply to Abdullahs in coming elections. Claims of Omar will stand punctured within a few months as NC will lose it address in JK. Omar has sensed defeat and his utterances are an ample proof it,” he added.


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