Students targeted in Punjab protested in Kashmir

KL Report


Kashmiri students pursuing B Tech courses in Swami Parmanand College, Mohali Punjab Monday staged a protest against College warden and assailants in Srinagar demanding their migration from the said college to Kashmir province.

Students with visible marks of injuries assembled at Pratap Park and marched towards Press Enclave Srinagar where they staged a protest and raised slogans against the College Warden Sandeep Singh who according to the students has been acting like a ‘goon’ and is leaving no stone unturned in harassing Kashmiri students in the college.

They also alleged that the warden has been instigating the local population as well as non-Kashmiri students against them as a result they are continuously feeling unsafe and insecure.

The protesting students said that a Kashmiri students who was watching Pakistan-Sri Lanka cricket match was attacked and thrashed by the local students there while the warden Sandeep Singh took their side and hurled volley of abuses towards Kashmiri students. “Instead of reprimanding and taking action against the assailants, Singh pounced upon us and used derogatory language,” students said.

“We have no complaint against the college management and local police. Both the College management and police there supported and helped us. We want action to be initiated against the Warden and those students who attacked us,” they said.

Another student said that the college has been closed for 10 days and all the 200 Kashmiri students have returned to their native places. “We are not feeling secure there and want migration from that college. We want to study in Kashmir and not outside where threat always looms over us,” he said.

When contacted Chairperson of the College Renuka told CNS that investigation is already underway those found guilty will be punished. She said that Kashmiri students should feel safe and secure here.


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