SRINAGAR: Democratic Progressive Azad Party (DPAP) senior leader and Lok Sabha candidate from Udhampur constituency, Ghulam Mohammad Saroori, on Thursday said that the party aims to work for the people’s interests, adding, “The DPAP will bring back the Roshni Act if voted to power”.

GM Saroori said that the motto of DPAP formation is to provide relief to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, who have been trapped badly in the political machinations of anti-people parties. He said apart from engaging in politics along religious lines, the DPAP will focus on development and provide relief to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

“People are very angry with the politics of BJP and those who ruled JK before. Those who filed nominations from Jammu and Udhampur seats had already served 10 years as MPs but failed to take any measures for the people. I’m a fresh candidate and hope people will give me a chance to serve as they have no other option left in current times,” DPAP leader GM Saroori said.

He said DPAP will respect everyone’s faith and not tamper with anyone’s religious sentiments. “We will not instigate communities to fight each other. DPAP will contest polls on developmental issues. It is our primary wish that Statehood of J&K should be restored, and land should be reserved for local state subjects only,” he said.

He added that over the last several years, unemployment in JK has reached unprecedented levels, leading youth into distress and involvement in drugs.

“We want to base our politics on development issues. DPAP will identify more tourist destinations in every constituency so that opportunities for livelihood for youth are provided hassle-free. Also, the Roshni Act will be reinstated. Electricity will be made free for consumers, rising inflation will be curbed, and good governance will be provided so that people’s issues are resolved in a timely manner,” he said.

The DPAP leader added that daily wage earners who serve different departments of Jammu and Kashmir will also be regularized. Further, works at the local level will be reserved for local youth only, and if there is a need to accommodate outsiders, the DPAP will bring an Act for that for the security of local youth.

Lashing out at the Congress, the DPAP leader said that it is the incompetence of the Congress party that led the BJP to rule the country. “If the people of the country are facing difficulties today, it is because of the Congress party as they failed to address people’s concerns during their tenure. Their incompetence led the BJP to rule the country,” he added. (KNS)


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