DPS Released Video On Knowledge In Kashmiri Poetry

by Urvat IL Wuska

SRINAGAR:  Delhi Public School (DPS) Srinagar has released a video, Ilm, the knowledge, on social media as part of its efforts to rediscover the motivational poetry from Kashmir history. School’s students are the main performers of the small video.

The performing students in the video have sung various couplets of the famous Kashmiri poets like Sheikh Noor Ud Din (RA) on the basic knowledge theme. It starts with Abdul Ahad Azad’s Trave Gafllat (Shed Ignorance) and ends with the Shams Fakeer’s Taleem Parieth (after acquiring knowledge). Others who figure in the video are Wahab Khar, Abdul Ahad Azad Farhad and, most importantly, the Lal Ded.

The diversity of poetry on a common theme sung by a group of students makes it a perfect piece to watch.

The whole video is recorded on the campus. The vocal and instrumental part of the video is done by the students. Its direction is done by Sajad Reshi and edited by Malik Kaisar. The concept of the video is given by the DPS promoter, Vijay Dhar and his aide, Ehsan Quddusi.

After the production was well-received, the students are working on another video project in which the Urdu poets lyrics on knowledge will be recorded.

“DPS wants to contribute its part in reviving the art, culture and literature of Kashmir,” Reshi said. “After completing the current project, we will also work on plays, dramas and heritage stories related to Kashmir.” Reshi is the Content Director DPS.

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