Dr Abdullah Visiting Protesting Daily Wagers



As opposition created ruckus in lower house of state assembly Tuesday morning, former CM and NC president, Dr Farooq Abdullah visited protesting daily wagers in Pratap Park Srinagar.

Dr Farooq interacted with the hundreds if daily wagers who are on hunger strike. From different departments, they are seeking regularization of their services.

For most of the last few days, they operate from the tears they have pitched in the park. While most of the day they spend in lecturing each other on public address system, for the night some of them stay back. Apparently a number of them are not taking food. An ambulance is usually parked near the tent. So far, nobody from the government has visited them.

On Tuesday, the entire area was under an instant siege of police as members of the special services group started scanning and manning the venue. It was then revealed that Dr Abdullah would visit them to boost their morale and ensure his party’s support to them.

Officials in the coalition government said they are confronted with the crisis of nab aging career of nearly 64000 individuals who have been ‘recruited’ as daily wagers on interesting terms. The government say they have drafted a plan of accommodating them all but it will take some time.


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