After 50 Mins of Ruckus: 2 NC MLAs Marshalled Out



Article 370

Speaker finally ordered marshalling out of two NC lawmakers Altaf Kaloo and Abdul Majed Larmoo. The two were key to the physical part of the ruckus, apparently.

Amid the din, the house is ‘working’ and business is going as ministers are responding to questions by PDP-BJP MLAs. However, all opposition legislators but MY Tarigami and Hakeem Yaseen, are the well of the house. Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah is the only NC man along with Nazir Gurezi (Deputy Speaker of the House) who did not move, even an inch as their lawmakers dominated the well with Congress.

Huge uproar and sloganeering is going on.

As IT minister and cleric Imran Ansari started responding, he was disrupted by Er Rashid and Kaloo. “Last dispensation has sucked hard earned money of daily wagers that is why they don’t want to listen to our answers,” angry IT Minister reacted to the disruption.

NC’s Ali Muhammad Sagar led the sloganeering saying, “Modi-Mufti Sarkaar Ko: Aek Daka Aur Do; RSS Ka Jo Yaar Hai, Gadaar Hai Gadaar Hai; 370 Kayam Rahay Gay, Kayam Rahay Gay.”

It was in the din and ruckus that Kaloo borrowed his way to the chair of assembly secretary. While he was stopped, a huge pressure was built in the well. This act eventually led to Kaloo’s marshalling out.

Barely five minutes before the question hour was over, Deputy Chief Minister intervened. Interestingly when R&B Minister was responding to a question, Congress’s Saroori took away the same mike and spoke against the coalition.

Earlier, Rashid had to face an angry R&B Minister when independent lawmaker tried to disrupt his speech. “Er Rashid, will you please keep silence for a minute?” Bukhari asked him in a high tone. “Nai Karun ga; Logon ko Kya jawab Do Gay,” Rashid replied.


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