Dr Drabu calls for Systemic Changes to Improve Fiscal Health of Government



Dr Haseeb A Drabu

Finance Minister, Dr Haseeb Drabu Thursday held an interactive meeting with officers of the Finance department.

Secretary, Revenue Resources, Director General Accounts & Treasuries, Director General Funds, Director Codes, Director(s) Finance, Financial Advisers and Chief Accounts Officers were present in the meeting in Jammu.

In the meeting, Dr Drabu sensitized officers about the systemic changes required to bring about efficiency in the fiscal health of the Government. He also received inputs from the officers regarding ‘system constraints’ that do not allow the finance department to run in an efficient and desirable manner.

“Finance department is critical to the entire governance agenda and our job is to ensure that appropriate systems, procedures and controls are in place, to support that agenda” Dr Drabu said urging officers to use government money with same care and thought as they would do with their own money.

He reiterated that role of finance department is beyond mere passing bills and underscored the need to create a system that allows empowered and quick decision making, leveraging available resources and utilizing them better for the benefit of the people of the state.

Finance Minister also highlighted the positive role of introducing technology in simplifying processes and bringing about transparency in financial transactions.

He also told officers of the finance department to provide leadership in matters pertaining to financial discipline and management in their respective departments.

Issues related to better human resource management, capacity building and training of officers in public financial system were also discussed in the meeting.


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