Jammu and Kashmir National Conference party president and Member of Parliament from Srinagar Dr Farooq Abdullah on Tuesday greeted people on the annual observance of Shab-e Barat asking people to seek forgiveness of Almighty.

Dr Farooq while greeting the people said that Shab-e-Baraat is the night of forgiveness and atonement. “Allah almighty grants forgiveness to all those who repent on this virtuous night. It is a revered night of forgiveness and Salvation. As such the entire month of Shaban is virtuous but on the Laila-ul  Baraat the gates of salvation and forgiveness are opened by Allah for those who seek his mercy,” he said.

“Allah is only our saviour and HE only can redeem us from the current crises,” he said asking the people to abide by the COVID-19 protocol and advisories from the government. “We are going through a grave crisis, any misstep by any person can put the lives of scores of people in trouble. Therefore I would request the people to heed the concerned advisories of various government agencies. Appreciatively, and rightfully all the religious scholars have also asked people to take required steps to impede the spread of humanity’s worst ever public health nightmare. People should follow the advisories of Mufti Sahibaan as well.”

“Meantime it is for the affluent class to come to the rescue of have-nots. I am sure if all of us pitch in and congregate our efforts, we would easily sail through the existing crises. I express my solidarity with the families of those whose loved ones got devoured in the COVID-19 crises. I pray for early recovery of all those who have tested positive for the contamination,” he said.


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