Dr Farooq extends support to farmers, pitches for unity


National Conference president Dr Farooq Abdullah on Friday extended his support to the farmers who had gathered at New Delhi’s Ramlilla ground to press their demands and urged the people to join hands to overthrow the BJP government.

The spokesman said that Dr Farooq who represents the Srinagar parliamentary constituency has said that the incumbent BJP government at the centre has miserably failed to work for farmers and other marginalized sections of the society. “When the election time is by, the BJP raises emotive issues to garner the support of people by polarizing the society. But the time has come to over throw the incumbent government and rekindle the spirit of secularism in the country,” he said.

NC president said that Kashmiris are with the farmers and support them in their rights. “We all know your plight. We know how you spend everything on your farms and when you do not get the right MSP for your product you have to starve. The farmers’ mega rally in Delhi is a wakeup call for the government,” he said.

Farooq supported the cry of farmers who had gathered there and said that the farmers are the backbone of our nation. He impressed on GOI to increase the Minimum support price for their produce. “It does not augment well for a democratic country to shut its eyes to the woes of farmers. The farmer suicides aren’t joggling the conscience of BJP led government at the centre. It is a farmer who wakes up at 4 o’clock early in the morning and toils to produce the grains that keep the country going. The need of the hour is to relieve the farmers of swelling debts by waving of their loans,” he said.

He said that Jammu and Kashmir chose to be a part of secular India and will continue to do so. “The BJP is hell bent to vitiate the atmosphere but we should show unity and maintain bonhomie amongst us. Your worries are our worries. Let us show unity and overthrow BJP,” he said.


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