Dr Farooq, Omar Abdullah greet people on Ramadhan


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President and Member of Parliament Dr Farooq Abdullah and Vice President Omar Abdullah on Friday extended warm greetings to people on the onset of the auspicious month of Ramadhan.

Greeting people on Ramadhan, the party president said that we must make most of the ensuing month by praying to Almighty for his forgiveness and mercy.

In his message, Dr Farooq said, “It is the time for repentance and improvising, a month that teaches self-control and benevolence.”

“The month affords us a time to transform our lives for the good of our very being and the entire humanity as well,” said Dr Fraooq.

“We are going through a crisis, the COVID-19 sprawl across the world has thrown multifarious challenges at us.  However the problem is surmountable if we abide by the required COVID-19 protocol and necessary health advisories,” he said.

“I pray that those who fast, and do good deeds throughout the month attain Allah’s pleasure. I also pray that the month augers well for the entire humanity and that the problem confronted by the world in the shape of COVID-19 clears out. I extend Ramadan greeting to all with a view that all those who are at need are taken care of by well offs,” said Dr Farooq Abdullah.

Omar Abdullah while greeting the people on the onset of the holy month of Ramadhan said, “The holy month teaches us remarkable lesson of magnanimity, self-control and compassion. Ramzaan Kareem brings with it the message of supporting vulnerable and deprived, therefore we should go the extra mile to help those who are at need in these times. It is during this holy month that we commemorate the revelation of the Holy Quran. I hope the ensuing month deepens our spiritual development, and refurbish our sense of appreciation for many blessings Almighty Allah provides.”


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