Dr Khurshid Guru delivers lecture at DPS Srinagar


Noted robotic surgeon Dr Khurshid A Guru on Friday delivered lecture on “Half Rotten Apples: The Surgical journey from Sopore to New York.” at DPS Srinagar.

Dr Khurshid Guru delivers lecture at DPS Srinagar

In a statement, DPS Srinagar said, “Dr Guru is the son of famous cardiologist of Kashmir, A Ahad Guru, and has charted an equally illustrious career as an educator and robotic surgeon having performed more than 300 surgeons through the Applied Technology Laboratory for Advanced Surgery (ATLAS) Program at Roswell.”

“He is also founder of the Guru Charitable Foundation, which has supported health- and education-related programs in Kashmir since 2007. He is the man behind Buffalo Healthcare Exploration (BHE), an exciting three week summer program that offers high school students the opportunity to learn and innovate. Dr Guru talked about human compassion, thinking out of the box, develop a spirit of volunteering and the future driven by AI. He shared various anecdotes from his life that illustrated the art of thinking out of the box. Dr Guru also proposed to extend the exchange program to teachers and students of the school to hone their skills,” the statement said.

Principal DPS Srinagar Alistair R A Freese expressed gratitude to Dr Guru saying the school is grateful for his insights. “I am sure the students and teachers both will be immensely benefited by it,” he said.

Chairman Vijay Dhar  expressed delight at the proposed exchange programme. “To hear a doctor of international repute call our institution a torch bearer validates our hard work. We are thrilled that our students and teachers will benefit from this expertise,” Dhar said.


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