Driving Force Behind The Contemporary World – Information Technology

By Cyber Crew

DPS Athwajan, Srinagar

DPS TechKnow 2015

In today’s time it is an acknowledged fact that the Information Technology is the driving force behind the contemporary world. Firmly believing in the idea we the students at Delhi Public School, Srinagar came up with an idea of student centric IT club, and Cyber Crew – the first of its kind, IT Club for students in Kashmir valley came into being almost 3 years ago.

Cyber Crew is a platform where learning is a continuous process, spreading innovative skills and knowledge is the priority; where lifelong friendships bloom. At Cyber Crew we have the best of the budding technocrats of our institute who are passionate about the limitless world of Information Technology and above all firmly believe in the idea of sharing skills and knowledge they possess.

With this in mind, members of this club steadfastly believe that they have a sense of responsibility on their shoulders towards those children who do not experience the joy of understanding something that the force managing the world, something that has made our big and vast planet a smaller place to live, interconnected by borderless and seamless networks of – Information Technology.

To keep this fire burning we have been organizing TechKnow – the only and the biggest two day IT Fest for the schools in the valley, for past three years and from since inception has witnessed overwhelming success at all stages. This year too, we are gearing up for the only Mega-IT event of our valley by organizing TechKnow 2016.

Since we are approaching the fourth year of our initiative we will be joined by more than 60 schools within and outside J&K. This means that the event will register itself into the minds and hearts of hundreds of young, promising and budding student entrepreneurs of our society.

DPS TechKnow 2015 1

We believe ICT is a dynamic and an ever-growing arena, hence keeping up with the pace of changing technologies, we have added two more workshops, this year: IoT (Internet of Things) and Hybrid Mobile App Development; we aim to join hands with the children of our society and go into the irresistible and appealing world of Information Technology.

Last year, we were joined by over 40 schools of our valley and as well as several schools from Jammu region; our participants had an extraordinary experience with us as we gave them a sneak peep into different IT related topics like Web Designing, Ethical Hacking, Video Editing, Open Source and much more.

Registering for TechKnow is pretty easy, just log on to our website at techknow.dpssrinagar.com. The two-day festival shall start on May 22, 2016 at DPS Athwajan, Srinagar campus.

We strongly encourage appeal your school to register on your behalf, for it means not only you get a chance to be a part of this mega event, but other likeminded and avid lovers of technology from your institution join with you as well.

At last, we the members of Cyber Crew would call on all the students who are passionate about the exciting world of Information Technology, that please authorize yourself to learn the most attractive and fascinating stuff, become skilled, allow yourself to chase your heart and join us as we throw open the gates of the most enthralling and interesting world of Information Technology.


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