Due to Un Islamic Customs, Extravagance, 30,000 Girls Waiting For Marriage: Mirwaiz

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Expressing concern over growing immorality and extravagance in the society, Chairman Mutahida Majlis Ulma, Jammu and Kashmir, Mirwaiz Molvi Mohammad Umer Farooq said that thirty thousand girls in the Srinagar are waiting to get married as a result of social evils.

He said that immorality and social evils are responsible for the situation and collective effort is needed to eradicate these social evils from the society.

“Current situation in Kashmir is worse than before. Kashmir was considered as place of brotherhood, sympathy and morality but the land of Rishi’s has turned into a place of immoralities”, said Mirwaiz while addressing the Seerat Conference at Lal Bazar organized by Masjid Rehmat and locals volunteers.

“Immorality is crossing limits and Nikah has become an affair of trade between two parties. We should think who is responsible for the 30,000 girls who can’t afford expenses of un Islamic and unethical traditions. Social evils and extravagance has worsened our society”, said Mirwaiz.

He said that parents and guardians have lost control over their wards and “we all need to make collective effort to stop this all before it is too late”.

He appealed the Islamic scholars, parents and other people to perform their responsibilities for betterment of the society.



  1. Asalamu alykum to all my Muslim brothers and sisters. Kashmiris only discuss and never implement these things.There are many girls who have better character , education but still they are over aged. From my point of view if the youth particularly men folk including fathers, brothers , husbands will do something and start an initiative from their own homes not to take and give dowry not to see caste and not to give preference to those evils which are related to Wazwan, mehndi ceremony, ring ceremony which is a evil not a custom. A better example is our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) who performed the Nikaah of their daughters in a simpler way.

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