Durbar at Jammu, People face problems in absence of Ministers

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As scheduled 2014  Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir coming close, it seems Ministers of coalition Government have slipped into the election mood as most of them are seen in their constituencies more than their offices in the Civil Secretariat of Jammu.

Sources from Jammu told KNS that most of the Ministers spend more time in their respective constituencies than attending to their work in the Secretariat which has adversely affected the working of the Government and is causing problems for the common people,” sources said.

The sources said that people from many areas including Kashmir who visit the Secretariat for their official or personal work are the worst sufferers. “Visitors are found waiting outside the chamber of Ministers and enquiring about their whereabouts. Some of them who come from Kashmir have to return dejected,” Sources added.

Habib-ullah who had gone to Jammu to meet a Cabinet Minister to redress some of his issues said that he visited the Secretariat at least thrice in the last three days. “After going through the difficult process at the entry gate and spending money on travelling from Srinagar to Jammu I am told that Minister is in his constituency on a tour,” he said.

“If Ministers are more concerned about their constituencies then they should resign and spend all their time to woo their voters. Why are they holding the people of whole state at ransom,” he asked.

Sources said the election ‘fever’ has also affected the working of the field departments. “Some important matters are awaiting Government nod and files are piling up in the absence of the Ministers,” they added.

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