Durrani a liar, sabotaged many pro-Pak initiatives in past: DeM


Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Monday said that the writings of the former Director General, ISI, Asad Durrani, in the book “Spy Chronicles” are fictitious and far from the truth.

In a statement, DeM spokesperson, Rifat Fatima, said that everything, from drama to fiction, is present in the book but there was no fact and any evidence that could substantiate the sweeping statements.

“These fictitious incidents seem to be propagated in a manner that only exposes the mala fide intentions of the enemies of Pakistan,” she added.

Rifat said that the credibility of Durrani has always been questionable and the sweeping claims he has made in the book only reflect his hypocrisy. “Before considering these lies we should understand who is spreading it and what is being said.”

Rifat said that everything that Durrani has jolted in the book is based on hearsay and lies. “It is the same Durrani who is being questioned by the Supreme Court of Pakistan for taking undue benefit of his position in  1990 and helping Nawaz Sharif in the elections. As Nawaz Sharif is again in trouble nowadays, this man is at it again to divert the attention of the world from his paymaster’s actions,” she added.

She said that one also needs to understand how fast-paced the distribution of this book has been. “Within 12 hours of its release, this book is available all over the globe and moreover, a PDF of this is being spread across all social networking sites free of cost. The distribution tactics only signify that Durrani didn’t want to earn money from this book but wanted to defame Pakistan and its military and intelligence agencies with the support of Indian agencies,” she added.

Rifat said that people must know that this is the man who sabotaged Pakistan’s Afghanistan policy when he headed ISI and this has been acknowledged by senior functionaries. “Pakistan must put a check on the enemies within its own folds and should hold them accountable for spreading lies and creating confusion among Muslims across the world. These moles are harmful to the country than its enemies on the borders,” she added.

“As for people, the content of this book shouldn’t be read without a proper background check of Durrani’s credibility, his close ties with the forces of India and his anti-Pakistan policies. It must be kept in mind that a liar’s truth shall also be put to scrutiny before accepting it, Durrani is a mole who wants to harm the interests of Pakistan and that should be enough to judge his intentions while the book was being written,” she added.


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