Dutch Accused of Murder in Dal Lake Might Get Lawyer

KL Report


Richard di Wit
Richard di Wit

Dutch national, Richard de Wit, accused of murdering Guernsey woman Sarah Groves in Dal Lake is likely to be given a lawyer Thursday—if he hasn’t already appointed one after dismissing his previous representative brought a halt to proceedings, reports say.

The accused had dismissed his Delhi-based legal Counsel on January 31, 2015, leaving him without anyone to defend him in court.

The last three hearings have all seen no progress made as de Wit had no-one to represent him.

Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones

Pertinently, Sarah Groves, 24-year-old, from Guernsey, staying with a family on the houseboat in Srinagar was found stabbed to death in a houseboat in Srinagar, Kashmir, in April 2013.

The runaway Dutch—de Wit, staying in the same houseboat was later charged with the murder.

However, de Wit’s lawyers said the evidence was only circumstantial.


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