EDI Siege: Staffers Evacuated from main EDI Building



As the gunfight rages on between forces and suspected militants at Sempora, Pampore, all the staffers who were trapped inside main EDI building have been evacuated.

Sources said that around 30 EDI staffers have been evacuated from the building where the suspected militants are hiding.

Meanwhile, the slain CRPF man has been identified as Bola Singh of 62 CRPF Batallion. It was a part of convoy which came under militant attack.

Report said that gun fight is going between forces and militants. Militants are hiding inside the main EDI building. The militants, reports said, attacked a CRPF convoy and rushed to EDI campus for cover.

Around 160 candidates and staffers are still inside EDI hostel and other bulding.

While the encounter is on, youth resorted to stone pelting in the bearby Pampora areas.


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