Eid-ul-Adha Draws 70,000 Visitors to Doodhpathri in Four Days


SRINAGAR: Doodhpathri, a scenic location in central Kashmir’s Budgam district, witnessed a significant influx of visitors during the Eid-ul-Adha celebrations, with nearly 70,000 people visiting over four days.

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In scorching heat, most of the visitors to Doodhpathri spend a lot of time on the baks of the roaring Doodghanga. KL IMage: Shuaib Wani

Chief Executive Officer of the Doodhpathri Development Authority (DDA), Dr Nargis Suraya, said the site has been a major draw for festival-goers.

Providing official data, she stated that on 17 June, a total of 9,103 people visited Doodhpathri, including 103 locals and 9,000 domestic tourists.

The second day, 18 June, saw an increase with 12,400 visitors, comprising 2,400 locals and 10,000 domestic tourists. The third day recorded the highest influx, with 31,009 visitors, including 16,000 locals, 15,000 domestic tourists, and nine international visitors. On the fourth day, 20 June, 15,203 visitors arrived, with 4,200 locals and 11,003 domestic tourists.

The CEO of DDA said the government aims to transform Doodhpathri into a year-round tourist destination and has implemented various measures to boost tourism. “Last year, the spot attracted a record-breaking number of visitors, with over three million people visiting throughout the year,” she said.

Dr Nargis expressed optimism about surpassing last year’s tourist numbers, saying there is strong potential for a record-breaking year for Doodhpathri—(KNO)


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