Election Fever Prompts Political Opportunists to Spread Falsehood; 70000 Vacancies Will Be Created Soon: Rather


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Observing that with the picking up election fever in the country, the defeated political opportunists have resorted to lies and falsehood for hoodwinking public opinion against ‘achievements’ of the present coalition government, the Minister for Finance and Ladakh Affairs, Abdul Rahim Rather Sunday cautioned the people against their mechanization so that their nefarious designs are thwarted completely.Rather-10

As per a statement Rather was speaking to a public gathering at Tulsi Bagh, Srinagar today, where he asked the people to reject political opportunists who are habitual of exploiting the sentiments of the innocent people on the basis of region and religion to satiate their vested interests. He hoped that the politically mature people of the state will never allow divisive forces to succeed in their game plan and build their castles on the graveyards of innocent people.

He said secular fabric is the hall mark of state’s rich traditions and ethos which has to be preserved and uphold at all costs.

Rather said last five years report card of the present government is before the people, who are best judge to gauge its performance on socio-economic and political fronts adding that progress achieved during last five years cannot be undermined. He said political opponents are basically unnerved with the growing popularity graph of the coalition government and its development agenda and so are they desperate to create misunderstanding among the masses by resorting to lies and policy of deceit.

The Finance Minister said that elections are heart beat of democracy and the people have a fundamental right to elect their representatives on the basis of public service rendered by them and the political agenda of concerned parties.

Describing unemployment the most challenging job confronting the government, Rather asked the educated youth to change their mindset vis-a-viz self employment culture. He said that though government is advertising about 70000 more vacancies shortly through different recruitment agencies but the real solution to the unemployment problem lies in the self employment culture.

Rather also gave a detailed account about the major development initiatives taken up in length and breadth of the Chrar-i-Sharief constituency represented by him especially in health, education and R&B sectors adding that these development works have made a turnaround in the socio-economic scenario in the area. He also announced to construct a major Hydro Electric Power House in Branwar where one mini power plant has already been completed. He said land for construction of a modern power receiving station at Kanidejan has also been acquired to augment power supply in the upper Kandi belt of the Chrar-i-Sharief constituency. He also announced to hold on the spot police recruitment drive in the constituency shortly.


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