End to JK’s Miseries Lies in PDP’s Political, Dev Agenda: Ms Mehbooba



CM in Islamabad

Seeking a strong and decisive mandate from the voters of Islamabad, Chief Minister, Ms Mehbooba Mufti Saturday reiterated her party’s resolve to retrieve Jammu and Kashmir from the morass of political and economic uncertainties and usher the State into an era of peace and prosperity.

“We have started picking up the threads from where we left in 2005 to revive the process of political reconciliation and economic rejuvenation so that we can secure a peaceful and prosperous future for the State and its people,” Ms Mehbooba said while addressing a series of roadside election meetings in Islamabad today, a statement issued by PDP said.

Ms Mehbooba said the people of Jammu and Kashmir, more than ever before, today want the politicians to stand up and address the political and economic issues that matter to them.

“They want leadership, they want commitment, they want accountability, they want political stability, they want economic prosperity, they want development and they want employment,” she said and added that as a dependable regional political force PDP has demonstrated that it can deliver on all these counts with unflinching consistency and has in fact set the momentum for tangible transformation on the ground through path-breaking developmental and welfare initiatives.

Ms Mehbooba said the next five years are crucial for not only ensuring good governance but accomplishing the challenging task of rebuilding safe, sustainable and planned infrastructure in Jammu and Kashmir. “If you want a change of direction, not just a change of government, if you want new priorities, not just politics – the PDP is the only alternative,” she said adding; “I urge the people of Islamabad to join us in this enterprise of hope, as together, we can make the difference and rebuild a safe, sustainable and prosperous Jammu and Kashmir for our future generations.”

Ms Mehbooba said PDP’s agenda is not event-related and it is a process which is being and would be taken to the logical conclusion through tangible initiatives at political, economic and administrative fronts.

“We have demonstrated that during our brief stint in power between 2002 and 2005, and would continue to pursue our core ideals with unflinching consistency in our present tenure in the Government,” she said.

Ms Mehbooba said her Government’s focus is on skill development, agriculture, horticulture, handicrafts and tourism sectors which are the mainstay of the State’s economy.

“Various multilateral institutions and major corporate houses have been roped-in to build and fine-tune the infrastructure in these key sectors to achieve the desired levels of growth,” she said and added that infrastructure building in agriculture, horticulture, tourism and handicraft sectors would not only give a fillip to the State’s economy but would help create more job opportunities for the local youth by fully harnessing their enterprising skills.

She said major initiatives are also being taken in Education and Health sectors including setting up of two AIIMSs, five new Medical Colleges (including the one at Islamabad), model hospitals, cluster universities and model schools to bring the state’s educational and healthcare facilities at par with other progressive states of the country.

Ms Mehbooba said the problem of unemployment especially among the educated youth is a matter of grave concern and needs immediate thought.

“Imaginative policies are being directed to enable the State’s youth to become a productive, self-confident and committed force for its development,” she said and added that not only the Government but the whole nation, including individuals, institutions and organizations, have to be brought together in a spirit of creative enterprise to widen the economic and employment space for J&K’s youth.

Urging people to support her in upcoming elections, Ms Mehbooba said; “I have come to seek your vote and support to carry forward the mission of my father Mufti Mohammad Sayeed which couldn’t be fully accomplished because of his sad demise,” she said and hoped that the people of the Islamabad will once again repose faith in PDP and elect her as their representative so that Mufti Muhammad Sayeed’s dream of bringing peace and development to Jammu and Kashmir is realized.

“Mufti Sahab started his political career from Islamabad and people of the area showed their trust in him during the difficult times. I am hopeful that people will again repose their faith on PDP and give me an opportunity to serve them and realize the dream of Mufti Sahab for the State,” she said while seeking people’s wholehearted support in the upcoming by-elections.


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