Enforcement Agencies have Singled Us Out for Oblique Motives: Khyber



After it stopped supplying milk to Kashmir market, Khyber Agro Farms Pvt Ltd Friday evening issued a statement clarifying its positions.

The statement is being used here, verbatim

For last few days a campaign against Khyber Agro Farms Pvt Ltd has been started which has maligned the reputation of the company.

At this stage, Khyber would not like to make detailed statement because the matter is sub-judice before courts of law.

Khyber has full faith in administration of Justice.

Khyber is confident that justice will be done to a company which has offered best services in the form of its products to the people of the state.

The company would further like to assure the people of the state that the recent ban on its products is due to the samples picked on 17th July 2013 and has nothing to do with recent sampling and inspections being held at the Khyber Milk plant.

The Khyber may have suffered a setback but Insha Allah Khyber will fight out all such elements string pullers, known and unknown, who are out to malign long established credibility of the products manufactured and processed by Khyber.

Khyber Agro Farms Pvt Ltd is the only ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP certified milk processing unit in the valley.

We wish to assure our consumers and the persons associated with us that Khyber has never indulged and will never indulge, intentionally or unintentionally, in any kind of mal practice which is un-Islamic and contrary to the law of the land.

In taking penal action against Khyber, the enforcement agencies have singled us out for oblique motives.

To enable the authorities to satisfy themselves that Khyber maintains standards of its products in accordance with law and giving respect to public sentiments, we regret to inform our consumers that Khyber milk and Milk products will not be available for some time, though it is likely to cause great inconvenience to the faithful customers of the company.

We reiterate and assured our consumers that our milk and milk products were and are fit for human consumption, with no adverse or injurious affect.


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