Entry Tax waived for flood-affected hotels

KL Report


Governor NN Vohra Tuesday waived off the Entry Tax leviable under “Entry Tax on Goods Act, 2000”, (Act No. IV of 2000) for goods imported for construction, expansion and modernization of Hotels.

“This exemption shall be available only in respect of goods not available locally and SRO 21 has been issued in supersession of SRO 88 of 25th March 2008,” the Raj Bhavan spokesna said.

The spokesman said that the Hoteliers seeking exemption under this notification may apply to the Director Tourism of concerned Division along with a list of the items and the quantities to be imported for the construction, expansion and modernization of their hotels.

“The concerned Directors, after satisfying themselves that such goods are not locally available, shall submit their recommendations to Commissioner Commercial Taxes with in seven days of the receipt of application from the Hoteliers. The Commissioner Commercial Taxes, on receipt of recommendations shall dispose the issue on its merits within seven days,” the statement said. “It is envisaged that the availability of this exemption will facilitate early revival of the tourism infrastructure which was severally damaged during the recent floods.”

Besides, Governor waived off Entry Tax leviable under “Entry Tax on Goods Act, 2000”, (Act No. IV of 2000) on furniture, office equipment and goods imported into the State by Hoteliers to replace for such goods as were destroyed during the recent floods. The exemption shall be available upto 28th February 2015.


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