Er Rasheed accuses army of highhandedness, protests in Baramulla


Hundreds on Saturday joined peaceful protests at DC Office in district Baramulla against “high handedness” of 22 RR at Yemberzalwari and adjoining areas.

The spokesman said protest led by an independent lawmaker and MLA Langate Er Rasheed with an almost entire population of Yemberzalwari Sopore staged a protest against “humiliating atrocities” on the entire Population by the Army Camps located at Zaloora and Yemberzalwari.

While talking to media persons on the occasion Er Rasheed said that after the army claimed about an IED blast on Harwan Yemberzalwari road the entire road having the length of 9 Km has been closed for all sorts of traffic thus causing huge inconveniences and making the life of entire area worst than the hell.

Rasheed said that it is shameful and horrible that anyone who dares to travel the 9 Km distance by foot has to record his particulars at both camps, Harwan and Yemberzalwari, irrespective of their age and gender. he said that if any of the inhabitants have to go out to purchase anything from Sopore or some other place, he/she has to record the details of the items and the quantity in the said army camps.

The schools in the entire area are closed for five days as it is impossible for the teachers to travel the area to discharge their duties. The high handedness and inhumanity of Captain Vikas heading the camp are to the extent that a renowned personality of the area Gh Rasool Bhat who died a natural death but his dead body was made to halt for two hours and then none except a couple of his relatives were allowed to visit the village in their vehicles. Even a pregnant lady Safeena Begum, daughter of Gh Rasool Reshi was not allowed to travel the road in a private vehicle and while crying in pain she had to come back to her village.

Rasheed appealed army and civil administration to check the highhandedness and make an end to this “hooliganism” without delay and excuses. He said that army should punish these black sheep within to restore its image.  He also appealed authorities to check how the said officer has looted the jungle and is forcing local population to get illegal timber for the army. He added that the Sumo drivers are forced to halt their vehicles on a rotational basis every day on the aid camp without any compensation. Later a deputation led by Er Rasheed met DC Baramulla and SSP Sopore and demanded an end to all this practice or otherwise people will be forced to take other means.


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