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Asking Centre to give up its unrealistic stand MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Monday reiterated that holding talks with militant leadership, Government s of Indo-Pak and the genuine leadership of Kashmiris, is the only way to find a durable resolution to Kashmir dispute so that peace is restored in the entire subcontinent.

The spokesman said that the only way to save the future of the precious lives is to give justice to Kashmiris by resolving Kashmir dispute. The Kashmiri children should be in colleges and educational institutions but the continuous denial of New Delhi has pushed youth to disappointment and anger resulting in youth picking the arms.

“If New Delhi cares so much about Kashmiri youth may it answer when the internet has become the basic fundamental of quality education, why thousands of youth from South Kashmir have been constantly deprived of internet facilities by citing lame excuses? No alienation can be addressed without recognizing the political aspirations of Kashmiris,” the spokesman quoted Rasheed saying.

Rasheed added that Kashmiris have realized that J&K police cannot be isolated from the society but by deviating them from its basic duty of maintaining law and order and pushing them against their own society in the name of anti-militancy operations, New Delhi is engineering distrust between police and the common masses.

Rasheed also appealed the Pakistani government to take notice of amnesty international’s report on Muslims of Xinjiang, Uighur regions. He said while Pakistani’s have been supporting Kashmiris on various fronts, they should not forget Muslims all around the world.


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