Er Rasheed asks Omar Abdullah to explain what he means by peace of 2014


Accusing PDP and NC of playing “dirty” with the people, AIP President and MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Tuesday said that both the parties showed cold shoulder to the suggestion that they must join hands to form the government in J&K in order to send a clear and louder message to New Delhi that Kashmiris are mature enough to decide what suits them.

In a statement issued Er Rasheed said that it is unfortunate that both NC and PDP prefer to be like B Team of Congress or BJP and they have lost their regional character and there is no battle of ideologies but that of egos and self-interests. He said that If NC and PDP need blessings of New Delhi and not of their people to form governments and alliances, one can ask a simple but serious question that how can either of them even talk of Kashmir dispute. While Mehbooba Mufti is herself responsible for what she is facing today, Omar Abdullah needs to answer what he means by saying that situation should returns to that what it was in 2014.

Praising Governor Administration and making 2014 a reference point, Rasheed said that it seems Omar wants governor regime to go all offensive against masses and shut their mouth at the barrel of a gun. It is shameful that Omar rather talking of political resolution as a pre-requisite condition for restoration of peace is stressing on Governor’s rule, with the only intention that Governor administration should silence Kashmiris at the barrel of the gun so that in near future they may beg for Omar Abdullah to be given back the power.

May one ask those seeking fresh elections that would angles come from the heavens and set everything a right after a new government is formed.  By not accepting the challenge to form the government most of the political parties have confessed either their incompetence or seem to be afraid of walking even an inch without blessings of BJP government.

Rasheed added that conducting elections, forming a government or bringing state under governor rule has nothing to do with what is happening on the ground. However, he said that why New Delhi has been bundling rulers and throwing them into dustbin from time to time is a matter of concern for everyone including those not interested in electoral politics.


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