Er Rasheed assaulted, dragged from his bedroom to police station: AIP


AIP has strongly condemned police assault on Er Rasheed and said that such horrible and shameful attacks will not break the will of AIP cadres, as the party is committed to fight politically for the right to self-determination, the birthright of people of Jammu & Kashmir.

In a statement party spokesperson, Sheeban Ashai said, “Er Rasheed was put under house arrest throughout the day at his Jawahar Nagar residence and on Saturday evening a heavy contingent of masked men in uniform entered his house forcibly and bundled family members including women and children in the kitchen.”

“Around twenty masked cops in presence of few guests on more than three occasions physically assaulted Er Rasheed in his bedroom and forcibly dragged him to police station Rajbagh,” the spokesman said.

The spokesperson said, “The shameless act is a desperate attempt to break the will and hurt self-respect of Er Rasheed but such cheap tactics will fail as usual, as AIP is not an underground organization but represents sentiments, sacrifices and aspirations of Kashmiri people.”

“Humiliating and harassing the family and dragging Er Rasheed from his bedroom speaks volumes about the frustration, arrogance and misuse of power by the cops who every time claim to be protectors of law. Any civilized society will condemn these sorts of brutalities,” he said.

The spokesman further added that local cops are being forced to use all dirty and cheap measures against their own people only to increase a wedge between the various sections of society but it is the moral duty of local police cops not to behave like servants and goons which would just defame their reputation and credibility in the society.

AIP spokesman also condemned summoning of jail returned militants to police stations all over Kashmir and said that all suppressive measures are bound to fail.

He added that while Prime Minister Narendra Modi was busy in misleading the world community from SKICC Srinagar, entire Kashmir looked deserted and Kashmiris by a total shutdown have conveyed loud and clear that the only way to bring peace in the entire subcontinent is to give people of J&K on both sides of LOCs right to self-determination as promised at United Nation by India and Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Er Rasheed was shifted to Sub-Jail Kothibagh Srinagar this morning and continues to be lodged there, said AIP spokesman in a statement.


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