Er Rasheed condemns anti-encroachment drive in Jammu


Expressing deep concern over efforts of Administration to “bulldoze” colonies of Muslim dominated areas in Jammu region, AIP President Er Rasheed on Saturday condemned the anti encroachment drive in Beli Chadana where hundreds of policemen along with JDA authorities were deputed to “demolish” the Gujar population.

In a statement issued today, Rasheed said that the way early in this morning authorities raided Beli Chadana locality and tried to demolish the houses of inhabitants is condemnable and Government should never be selective and communal in its approach. There is no justification for “shelling and Lathicharge” on innocent inhabitants. One should not forget that their ancestors have been either “massacred” in 1947 or have forced to flee to Pakistan, leaving their huge properties here, which were later occupied by people of other communities.

He said on 3rd of February this year state assembly was told that there are twenty-one unauthorized colonies in Jammu City but one has a right to ask why only Muslim dominated colonies are being targeted. Not even a single unauthorized colony of other community is being disturbed. There are thousands of non-state subjects residing in Qasim Nagar, Bhagwati Nagar, Talab Tulu, Trikoota Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Channi Himant and various other places but no one speaks about them and euphoria is being created about few families of Rohingya Muslims and Gujars who are the original state subjects of Jammu.

Rasheed accused “Shiv Sena and BJP” of constantly indulging in propaganda against the Muslim population in Beli Chadana and Niki Tawi and state administration is providing these forces all the logistics and other support to implement their polarized and communal agenda.


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