Er Rasheed leads Round Table Conference over Article 35-A, seeks emergency assembly session


A round table conference was organized by AIP led by Er. Rasheed and was attended by people from all walks of life to discuss the sensitive issue of Article 35-A and measures to defend it, spokesman said.

After thorough day long discussion and debate on the issue of Article 35-A, spokesman said the following resolutions and consensus were unanimously passed and reached to ensure that the Article is protected in letter and spirit for the larger interest of people of state:-

Er Rasheed. (KL File Image)

“1. We as state subjects of Jammu & Kashmir state irrespective of our political beliefs, religious beliefs and geographical positions stand united to defend existence of Article 35-A by engaging services of constitutional law experts, lawyers and academicians both local and international in order to oppose the petition seeking abrogation of the Article 35-A.

2. Let the ruling alliance and opposition leaders of the State assembly convene a special session of J&K Assembly and pass a resolution in defense of Article 35-A and Article 370 .

3. A coordination committee comprising Mr. G N Shaheen, Mr. Shakeel Qalandar, Mufti Nasir-ul-Islam, Dr. Muzaffar Shah and Advocate Javid Mir was constituted which will coordinate between all the stake holders for protection of article 35-A and all the issues related to it.

4. A letter of request will be send to all the political parties to make their respective stand public over the issue and seek their co-operation in protecting the said article.

5. An appeal was made to the General Masses of India to understand the seriousness of the matter and not get mislead by the intentions of RSS, whose only aim is to bulldoze the special rights of J&K state is enjoying.”

The day long round table authorized the five member committee to coordinate with various social, political, cultural and religious organizations for a better coordination between various forces to deal with the issue. It was also decided to approach the masses, intellectuals, traders and various organizations in Jammu & Ladakh regions so as to make everybody understand the significance of Article 35-A which is like a life line and back bone for the larger interests of people of all the three regions.



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