Er Rasheed seeks political consensus against Rattle take over by NHPC

by Mir Suneem and Salma Masood


Expressing anguish over the decision of the state to hand over the 850 MW Rattle power project to NHPC, the president of Awami Ittihad Party (AIP) Er Rasheed appealed mainstream parties and Joint resistance leadership (JRL) to take a stand on it.

While addressing a Press conference at Press club Srinagar, Er Rasheed said that the MOU was stealthily signed between officials of state power Development department and NHPC in presence of Prime Minister to allow NHPC to become 51% owner in 850 MW Rattle Power Project.

“NHPC is acting like East India Company which has been looting the resources of state continuously and I appeal NC, PDP, Civil Society and Joint Resistance Leadership to move beyond words and tell New Delhi louder and clear that this is not acceptable”

Er Rasheed said that NHPC has failed to abide by its previous agreements made with J&K government from time to time and it is shocking to see one more project going into their hands.

“The previous MoU’s ensured return of Power projects including Uri-I, Uri-II, Salal, Dool Hasti, Kishan Ganga, Seva-II, Nimoo, Bazgo, Chuttak with a total output of around 2400 MW but no such thing happened so far,” he said.

He reminded Prime Minister Narendra Modi of his threat given to Pakistani government of cancellation of Indus Water Treaty when its own interests were in danger and said: “It is high time that New Delhi should compensate the losses suffered by J&K on account of that Treaty.”

Er Rasheed addressing a press conference in Srinagar.
KL Image by Mehraj Bhat

While commenting on PM Modi’s visit to Kashmir on Sunday, he appealed him to be realistic and said, “Modi Ji claims to break the backbone of militancy in Kashmir and he needs to be reminded that militancy is the creation of India’s denial to fulfill commitments made with people of J&K at United Nations.”

“Kashmiris are peace lovers. Once India shows a willingness to resolve Kashmir dispute with sincerity, Kashmiris will respond positively and militancy will seize to exist,” he added.

In addition, Rasheed lashed out at the local police for humiliating and targeting their own people as he narrated how he was dragged and manhandled by police from his bedroom and arrested on the day of Modi’s visit.

“The shameful conduct of police has yet again proved that nothing lies in hands of civil administration and from Tehsildars to commissioners bureaucrats have become helpless before men in uniform,” he said.



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