Er Rasheed welcomes Jammu voices in 35-A support


Welcoming two BJP MLAs for showing their open support to Article 35-A, independent lawmaker and MLA Langate Er Rasheed has said that the stand taken by Dr Gagan Bhagat and his colleague is a slap on face of those who without knowing the significance of 35-A have been misleading masses in Jammu province by giving it a communal color.

A spokesperson in a statement said that while interacting with youth at Kokernag and Batagund Verinaag on Sunday Er Rasheed said Kashmiris have been fighting never on communal lines and have been seeking a genuine resolution to Kashmir dispute in accordance with the promises made with them. Every Kashmiri wants the geographical sovereignty and entity of entire state intact and to achieve that it is must that people of Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir understand the significance of resolving Kashmir issue and respect each other’s emotions.

He said, “Those trying to project themselves as ultra nationalists in Jammu should answer are they more Indians than Raj Thakray who wants the identity of Marathas to be protected and doesn’t often allow non- state Subjects to play with the interests of people of Maharashtra.”

“The people of Jammu need not listen to those forces who want to make Jammu like a launching pad to fight the battle for New Delhi. Let all of us get united for the larger interest of the state and BJP MLAs besides other credible voice in Jammu province should stand up with people of Kashmir and save their coming generations,” said Er Rasheed.

The Spokesperson said that earlier in the day Er Rasheed was stopped at Sangam by J&K Police on his way to Islamabad.

He said that a police team led by a Sub-Inspector stopped Er Rasheed and without any provocation or citing the reason Sub-Inspector got into the vehicle and tried to drew it inside the police post.

“On being asked the reason for the same, said Sub-inspector started hurdling abuses at Er Rasheed and with help of his colleagues having faces covered, sub-inspector tried to drag Er  Rasheed down from the vehicle but Er Rasheed closed the door and shameless cops went on the other side of window and threw Er Rasheed’s another colleague, who was driving, out of his private car and snatched the key,” said spokesman in a statement.

The spokesman said in reaction to the shameless incident Er Rasheed has said that though he feels hurt but every incident should act as an eye opener for those who cry police being a victim of circumstances.

He said “Political issue and aspirations apart J&K police has become like an army of wild elephants with one point agenda to humiliate disgrace, disrespect and abuse their own people. The youth have been forced to pick up the arms mostly because of police torture. It is obvious that to decide who is the competent cop, the criteria are who humiliates and abuses innocent Kashmiris more. I take the humiliation as an acknowledgment of my pro-people politics and will continue to do what my conscience asks me to do for suppressed Kashmiris.”

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