Er Rasheed welcomes release of relatives of policemen


Welcoming release of relatives of policemen by militant outfits, Independent lawmaker, and MLA Langate Er Rasheed said that under any circumstances Kashmiris cannot afford to infighting.

While interacting with various deputations in Handwara Er  Rasheed said: “It is encouraging that at least good sense has prevailed from both sides and relatives of the militants and the policemen have been released unharmed.”

“No Kashmiri can even think of isolating the families of the policemen not only for the reason they are locals but their huge number contributes much in a network of social fabrics,” said Er Rasheed.

Er Rasheed said that while militants, despite huge propaganda against them by their rivals are enjoying deep-rooted support in masses, dozens of policemen have joined militant ranks in the past and some are yet being dragged in courts for supporting militant activities or joining their ranks.

“Who can deny that kiths and kins of policemen too have similar feelings as those of common Kashmiris when it comes to Kashmir dispute,” he said.

He added that families of both militants and policemen have every right to live with honor and dignity. It Is high time for all the stakeholders to realize and confess that J&K dispute at the end of the day is a political issue and confrontation and violence is not a solution to the problem, but it is up to New Delhi to give up the arrogance and start a meaningful dialogue to end the bloodshed.

Er  Rasheed while welcoming suspension of cops involved in the thrashing of Bashir Ahmad Bhat father of Sub-inspector Tahir Ahmad Bhat from Tral has asked police authorities to explain whether the accused cops were suspended for thrashing father of a policeman or thrashing a common man.

Er Rasheed said “The statement issues by the sub-inspector after  seeing his father thrashed was heart touching like that of every Kashmiri falling to the brutality of men in uniform, but one has a right to know what would the police administration have taken similar prompt and swift action had the elderly thrashed person been not father of a common man.”

“The incident has exposed the double standards and hypocrisy of police force as they have always rejected and denied use of excessive force on innocents in broad daylight and there can be cited dozens of examples everywhere when common man’s self-respect, rights, and ego have been compromised even in issues not related to militancy and law and order. The police force must introspect and change for the good to earn respect among masses,” said Er Rasheed in a statement.


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