MLA Langate Er Rashid on Thursday warned the government against adopting multiple ways to change the demography within the civil and police administration.

The spokesman said the recruitment made in the police department has been by and large fair but the norms fixed through the advertisement notice have fulfilled the vicious agenda of those forces who never think beyond communal lines.

proposal to create two further border battalions in J&K is unacceptable and straight away aimed at decreasing the number of the majority community in Jammu & Kashmir police.

J & K police have nothing to do with the surveillance of borders and it is primarily the duty of army and BSF to protect borders. If the government sincerely believes in empowering people of border areas, they must ensure the 60% reservation for residents of border areas in the ten lac army and BSF serving in J & K.

The spokesman quoted Er Rasheed saying “the government will never do that as it is BJP-PDP ruling the state and nothing lies in the hands of Mehbooba Mufti,” In fact, BJP is implementing its agenda in letter and spirit and is adamant to corner the majority community in the state only for its vote bank.

If govt believes in empowering border residents by creating border battalions, one has a right to ask why cannot the government raise few south Kashmir oriented battalions as the youth in that part of the state feel completely alienated.


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