Era Of Bullying Delhi, Exploiting Kashmiris Over: Rana


SRINAGAR: Slamming the opportunistic, deceptive and dubious politics pursued by vested interests in Jammu and Kashmir for decades, Senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana today said that the era of bullying New Delhi and exploiting the sentiments of Kashmiris is over, as their machinations stand exposed before the politically conscious and sagacious people.

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“In sheer desperation, the fair weather politicians, whose every move revolved around the sole objective of attaining power by hook or crook, have lost the sense of discretion to the extent of telling lies and selling dreams over the various issues,” Rana said while interacting with various deputations.

They go and offer salutations to Delhi in private and tell them that the abrogation of Article 370 & 35 A is irreversible which has been passed in the Parliament in their presence, but back in Kashmir they sell dreams and make announcements of struggle for restoration of these from their cosy homes,  Rana said adding that J&K has changed, the change is irreversible we must move forward with the objective of the welfare of the people of J&K and uphold their dignity.

Rana said some politicians draw sadistic pleasure from isolated incidents of terrorism. They should know that terrorism is on decline and will not be tolerated and the Government of the day will eradicate terrorism from the scape of J&K and destroy its ecosystem whose foundations have already been shaken.

He said the irony of Kashmir has been the dubious role of a section of political class that managed to remain glued to the power in turns at the cost of the interests of the common people. It has not been a new phenomenon for them to deceive the people as they have mastered over the decades by resorting to reactionary politics for their opportunistic agenda. The rhetoric over the restoration of repealed constitutional provisions is nothing but another attempt of underestimating the understanding of the people, which is why they are facing most embarrassing situations in the so-called home turf, he added.

Devender Rana also referred to bullying and blackmailing instincts of the politicians with vested interest and said they adopted these tactics to bully the erstwhile gullible powers in New Delhi in order to remain favourites for holding the reins of the sensitive border state.

He said the scenario has now changed because Delhi now has a strong determined government that wants the common people to be the end beneficiaries of the schemes and funds allotted for Jammu and Kashmir with no role for the ‘middlemen’ in terms of dubious politicians.

He added time has come when the people must exercise their democratic power and choose the public spirited representatives, who will be accountable to them for each of their actions.

Cautioning against the dubious and deceptive political entities, who were attempting to strain Jammu and Kashmir tryst with progress, development and harmony as per the cherished agenda of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s solemn pledge of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, Sabka Priyas, Devender Rana said the people cannot be dissuaded from their chosen path of being the part of the country’s growth story, with equal opportunities to all, irrespective of region, religion or caste.

Rana referred to the fast changing landscape of Jammu and Kashmir, after the political developments of August 2019 which paved the way for implementing all the schemes here like other parts of the country.

He said the Union Territory is witnessing discernible transformation in all the economic and developmental sectors with special thrust on encouraging investments.

This is a key point for a place where industrial development has not been substantial which has largely impacted the growth and job generation.

He also referred to the laudable efforts of pursuing and pushing the developmental initiatives to the next level so that the benefits percolate down to targeted segments of the society in a time bound manner.


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