Essence of Democracy Abused by NC: Sajad Lone

KL Report


Peoples’ Conference Chairman Sajad Gani Lone, who addressed gatherings at Pazipora, Kupwara and Rajwar, Handwara Sunday, said that National Conference had abused the essence of democracy in Kashmir due to NC’s trademark style of selective and nepotistic governance. Even the part of governance, which is selective and dispensed for the chosen few, is in reality a trap to keep the people disempowered and divided. NC firmly believes appeasing a limited section of people while ignoring the majority. Tragically, even the NC cadres for whose sole benefit the party supposedly works for while in government are manipulated and kept disempowered by their own party.

Speaking to a gathering of PC workers and supporters at Pazipora in Kupwara Constituency, Sajad Lone said that Peoples’ Conference looked at politics and power not as ends in itself but as effective tools to bring about a significant Change in our political system. The PC Chairman said that it was his dream that governance becomes unbiased and fair in the State where an individual’s affiliation or ideology won’t be the measure of his need and poverty. Such systems of honest, equitable governance have changed the destinies of States and nations all around us. A leader cannot and should not work for a select few but for every single one of his constituents, including those who voted against his party.  However, National Conference leaders and MLAs are imbibed with vengeance and instructed to discriminate against the people based on their political affiliations. This political culture has wreaked havoc with J&K.

While speaking at the second public meeting at Rajwara in Handwara Constituency, Sajad Lone said that Kashmir needs politics of inclusivity and hope, not of favoritism and hopelessness. And for that precise dream, Peoples’ Conference decided to work for empowering the people by placing Kashmir first, above all other fragmented identities and differences of opinion. The people need a level playing field and a sympathetic and honest government that puts the needs of the people first, above its own partisan interests.


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