Even-Odd School Roll Calls Lands Some Families In Trouble

SRINAGAR: With the new system of education getting into a hybrid cocktail, some families are facing the heat just because of numbers. Some families having more than one school-going kids are facing a mess – sending one to school for the first three days and another for the next three.

“It makes us our kids all the more vulnerable,” one parent, whose two daughters are enrolled in a “major” school. “We are begging the school administration but they seem to be deaf to our pleas.”

The schools operate for six days a week with half of the classroom capacity. While half are taught in class with social distancing, the other half are on on-line mode. But families having two kids with even and odd roll numbers are facing a mess.

“We have to guard one for three days and the other for another three days and we have been asking the school to permit both the sisters to be together,” the other parent said. Parents refused to speak on record fearing their identification might get the school administrations angrier. “What will I do because my elder son is routinely taking care of his younger sibling and now both are lost in the new schedule?”

Schools say if they revisit the policy they will be upsetting the systems. “We are under tremendous pressure because we have to be on-line and teach offline as well,” one school official has said a parent. Now the parent wants to retain both kids at home and wants them to study on-line.

The impacted parents who contacted Kashmir Life were from different schools. They want the government to pass a direction so that the existing even-off schedule has genuine exceptions that will address the vulnerability of the families.


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